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joi, 19 decembrie 2013

Poem pentru dragoste

Pe Iyoeka am descoperit-o acum mai putin de un an, odata cu piesa Simply falling. Poem for love este piesa numarul 2 in topul pieselor semnate de artista.

Cuvintele mele nu ar face altceva decat sa incerce sa descrie, intr-un mod nici pe departe asa cum ar merita, frumusetea, sensibilitatea si emotia din versurile acestui Poem pentru dragoste. Asa ca am decis sa las versurile sa vorbeasca in locul meu.

Bucurati-va de ele si de piesa!

This is the place that seems to be better than where you have been... so you run towards the new day rising in the distance... and you walk away from the day that found you falling

You always seem to hear God when it counts even when it comes from the millions of voices that call to you

You want to make me listen for Him a little bit harder too

You are a rose that blooms on the off seasons

A wave that breaks on a shore left for decades deserted

You always seem to wake up from the dreams that drown you

Wide-eyed from the nightmare's that threaten to pull you back in

You climb the mountains from the peaks to the valleys

And write the songs that teaches broken hearts how to sing

And how to live and be a little bit more amazing

You make me feel like you waited for us to exist

For we are a translation of a neglected perfection that just is so...

take this hand from me, show me to your world, bring this dance to life

Your love can paralyse my fears of falling

Carry my heart slow, I swear where you go I'll follow you

See into my soul and I'll take you home to love you, love you, love you

I'll follow you...

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