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joi, 19 decembrie 2013

Pana ce inima mea va refuza sa se miste

Cine are chef de ceva poezie? Am descoperit ceva si simt nevoia sa impart cu voi.

Poemul apartine artistei Iyoeka.

Until My Heart Refuses To Move

My core is moving,
like an erupting volcano,
like the chords of a piano,
like a grounded tornado.

I am you now.

My heart is slowly opening,
caught in cobwebs of desire.
Some of them,
still missing in action,
Glistening into symphonies
of disaster us love.

I might cave in within them.

You can have everything you want with him.
And you did once.
You can’t have everything you want with her.
But you did once.
He can’t have everything he wants with me.
But he might.

After willingly living it,
Don’t go back there.
Take apart the revolution
you built together.
This is misinformation.
Resist the hazards of past pollution.

Tell yourself: I am awarding his love
secondary power over me.
The love in my heart is a strong primary.
My heart may take exile on an incredible journey,
Or take shape in thirst and poverty,
Or create a song that shows
a new and beautiful side of me.
That road could pull me away
from the risk of safety nets temporarily.

On the day we reunite,
may we both be different.
Every time dancing with a smile,
Fancy shoes, high hopes and
a new release on a picture of life.

You will still have to rediscover me again.
Over and over and over again,
Sometimes laughing, sometimes crying.
I will find you diligently searching,
for the symptoms of my vulnerability,
Following the trails back to the core
of my renewed being.
Finding me with enough time
to come dream with you,
Until my heart refuses to move.


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